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WHAT......another winch question???? No Way

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Ok heres the deal. My buddy bought the gorilla 3000 winch. And I bought this cheap 2k one of ebay from some one. Well I think he got the wrong mount first, because it doesn't fit period. So, I ordered one from Venom and he got his from gorilla. My mount fit perfect. His he bent to **** to get it to mount up. Well we try to put his winch on and no matter wich way that we put it in there, one of the termials hits the support on his bumper to his plastic. The one that goes up off the inside of the bumper to under the lights on a 06 trx500fm. So I thought the mount was wrong. So then we put it on mine and it did the same thing. Then I tried my just for giggles and mine hit the support also. I don't really care about it hitting the support, but it's going to look like the 4th of july when I hook everything up. Have you guys had any problems like these. I'm thinking about cutting my losses and buying a venom winch because they're terminals are on the side of the winch instead of sticking out of the casing. Thanks for your help
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YES!!!!!!!!!! I had the same problem but it's the right mount you just dont have the back hammered down good. You need to take the winch off the mount and beat the piss out of it until the mount in the back is flat on the frame. You can do this with the bolts in just loosen them up so it will move. It took me a while before I figured this out because mine hit the support on the head light too. Once you have it flat and the front u-bolts tight there should be about a 1/4 inch space between the support and the winch. Its a very very tight fit but it will fit.
QUOTE ("dacheez17":2gpaivgl)
His he bent to #!% to get it to mount up.
How did you bend it? Mine is thick and I don't think I could bend it if I had to.
Oh one more thing when you do hook up the gorilla winch up the short wires go to the winch and the long wires go to the battery. I read the instructions and the wording had a typo in it but the pictures had it right. The wording says to mount the box under the right rear inner finder. There is no right rear inner finder, there is a front right inner finder.
well I'll put it to you this way. If I saw this guy in an alley I wouldn't hit him with anything less than a buick. It would just tick him off. He put it into a vice and he went at it, I was messing with mine. But my mount fit all the way down and it still wouldn't fit onto mine.
Well when I first put it on I thought I had it all the way on also but it was not. I say try it again and beat on it above the bolt holes and see how it does. The front bumper mounts that go there should but under it. I had to get the bolts started first and then beat it into place. It took some working and swearing and getting mad and more beating but it went on. You dont need to take the bumper all the way off like it says just the skid plate and the black front plastic. Thank God mine is new and I don't beat it to death or I would have never got the front bumper back on. Anyway it will go on...Unless they sent the wrong mount. Do you have a picture of it? What ebay store did you/he get it from?
i dont know how much different the 500 frame is from the 450 but here is a pic of the mounting bracket i had a guy at work make me...the "universal Mounting Bracket" it came with wasn't worth a crap for my 450....

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he bought it from gorilla's ebay store. I got mine from venom. His said that it's supposed to fit a 05-06 foreman. I don't have a pic just yet. It's bout 30 miles away, and I don't know when I'll head back out there. I'll try to take a pic when I can. I'll tell him to beat it senseless and then beat it some more, and if that doesn't work, i'll tell him to get a BFH.
BFH I love BFH's! I used the bigest ratchit I have, it's already broke and I don't have a BFH lol. And yes the 450 frame is nothing like the 500 frame. If you look on this site there are lots of pics of them. If I have time tonight I will look for some.
Thats ridiculous, you shouldn't have to bend anything if it's the right mount, it should fit like a glove like my Warn did. I guess thats the hazards of buying non-brand name equipment.
I just installed the Gorilla 3000 on my 06 - 500. I bought the honda 500 mount from ebay gorilla site as well. I had the same problems. I took an angle grinder and ground off a little on the inside of each rear tab. It slipped right in. As said before with the front u-bolts tight and the rear down all the way, the winch connectors are abut 1/4 inch from the brace. AND like mentioned above, the short wires go to the winch and Long to the battery. Typo in the instructions.
Try removing motor from winch body, 1/4 turn and you should have her dicked.
I'm sooooooooo glad I am not the only one who seen the typo! Where do you ride in St. Louis?
QUOTE ("Eric":31uarwbt)
Try removing motor from winch body, 1/4 turn and you should have her dicked.
Can and how can you do this? I wondered about it but did not know if it would work. But you would want the mount to be mounted right.
I know you can do it with the Warn and Ramsey. Some models you have to turn the motor 1/4 or 1/2 turn in order to fit.
On mine, My warn mount fit perfectly and my Warn winch went right on. By the way, those Gorilla winches look EXACTLY like the Warn 2.5, did anyone else notice that?
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