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what about us?

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Okay so as you can see from my sig. i have put abit of mods on to the old foreman and everything has helped and i love it but what i want to know is what else is there out there when are they comeing out with a big bore kit or gear reduction has anyone heard anything about this ? I mean there is so much out for the 450's and even the rubicons did they just skip over the 500 or what?
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the big bore kit is a scam in my opinion. because to really up the cc's on a motoe you have to change the stroke of the crank so if you want some more torque just take your stock cylinder and bore it out to maybe 50 over and put a 10 to 1 compression piston and you will get the same performance as a "bigborekit" for half the price

and as far as boring there shouldnt be an overheating problem until you get to like 70 or 80 over

My 2 cents
I get mad because I can't find anything for the 500's like you can for the 450's. It will take time I guess.
Gear reduction would be sweet!!
i have been thinking about that thumper kit but for one i cant find where to order it from and two i think that just boreing it out would be the same as that kit for alot cheeper because thats all that it is it doesnt come with a new cam shaft like the 450 one does
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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