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what about these tires for my Honda 300 4X4?

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I am not a big time mudder, I trail ride and occasionally go through some mud if it is on the trail. The Male Testosterone in me wants a aggressive looking tire to amke my 300 4X4 look mean. But I want a fairly smooth ride on Hard pack as well. I am trying to decide between these tires ONLY. The reason is that my wife works at a tire and auto store and I can get em dirt cheap. They sell to employees at wholesale cost.
1 Good Year Tracker ATT
2. Good Year Mud Runner
3. Good Year Rawhide ATT
4. Dirt Devil
5. Cheng Shin Mud Shark
6. Carlisle Traks Max

Thanks for any help.
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I have heard the Mud Runners are one of the best tires for rocks. IAn I really like the Dirt Devils too.
Mud Runners
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