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West Virginia here.

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Hello everyone. Glad to find this forum. Got alot to learn to try to improve this Tank. Always lookin to ride also.

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Welcome Yankee!!!! Looks like you got it covered with a Jeep AND a 4-wheeler!!!!!
Thanks. Yea, sometimes it's hard to decide whether I'm goin wheelin with my Jeep friends or ATV friends.

Noob question. What do you click on to get to your watched threads? This forum format is the same as one I belong to for my Jeep (Rubicon Owners Forum) but there is a link there to go to your watched threads. Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see one here. Help. Thanks.
Well, you have to log in first, then you can click on "view posts since you last visit" and that will catch you up. But I don't think you can just go to your watched posts. I know it will email you when someone has responded to a post you are active in, but sometimes there is a delay.
Welcome wvyankee2
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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