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west virginia: end of july first of august

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if any honda formeman forumers are gonna be up that way me and the boys headin up there AGAIN. we do the outlaw ridin not the Hatfield Mccoy trails, to many rules on that plus no alchohol is allowed so me and the boys go to riders paradise, wagon wheel!!! let me know
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got a website or any info on that? we've been wanting to go to the hatfield trail for a while.
search maybe or google one of the following pinnacle creek campground or wagon wheel or sorry if not much help i am a tag along most of the time my buddies do the research its some awesome riding tho
I think me and about 10 others are going to wagon whell, pinnical creek area the same weekend and were from nc to, pm me with ur number so we can get together
aight just remember once you get off the main highway or interstate up there in W.V. there is absolutley NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION TRUST ME WE TRIED ill let you know when i know more certain what days we are goin
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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