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West Ky atv riders

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Ok everyone please bear with me. In Ohio County we have a Fiscal Court that is going to be more receptive to opening some atv areas than we have had in decades. Myself and Reddogemt have been brainstorming ideas. Bellman is mailing us some of his impact studies for Harlan County that will show our Fiscal Court the bottom line they want to see...........the amount of tourism dollars that atv's can bring to the local economy. I also know that Bellman gets flooded with emails every month from people on our end of the state wanting to know how to open up an atv club. And that is awesome because a club is going to carry far more weight to Fiscal court than a bunch of individual people. I want everyone to realize that it will take a LONG time to get an incorporated non profit club established with all the leagal paperwork. I know there have been some mixed emotions with the current local club- the wkra. With that being said I am begging you all-please. Go to the club website and click on the email link or email Ron Cardwell at [email protected] Ask him to help us get involved one more time in the fight for more land on our end of the state. Ron is on the Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority with Bellman. He knows his stuff. I want a Ridge Runners type club and land on this end of the state even if on a smaller scale. If we can all band together we can do this. I am NOT against starting another club in West Ky, I just think that due to the time it would take to get another legal club formed, we should make a BIG push through WKRA first. PLEASE people- send me all the messages you want but PLEASE email Ron and ask if we can activate WKRA one more time for the cause. I am not asking you to join wkra at this time as I would like to see a non riding membership price added to the club. But I do want to do something. The timing is right friends. Lets do this thing.

Also please tell him in his email that you are willing to work and help. He needs to know that we will help and not just throw a ton more work at him alone.
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