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wes industries trunk question, please help!

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hey guys, im interested in the wes industries trunk box. However it seems to be hard to find online. i only found 2 sites, the site that the wes industries brings me to, which is tamarack...which looks to be the identical thing and its $374, then i found another site and its $192...this is a major difference in price, but im not sure i can trust this cheaper site which is creekside powersports, has anyone heard of this site? are they alright to order from?
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Mine is not a wes industries box but I got it from they have several boxes to chose from. I got the Kimpex box and I realy like it. the only thing I was not happy with was the u-bolt mounting they sent with it. I fabed up a frame work and used self tappers to screw the box to that. Then I fabed up a quick release for it. Two bolts and its off if i need to. O-yeah the box cost 229.95 shipped. They had it to me in like three days. hope this will help you.
questions about the back seats

my girlfriend really likes to ride with me but her back hurts after a while of riding so i was thinking about getting her something like u have pictured. i dont know if theres been any posts about this question before so just let me know if there is. but i had a few questions bout them.

i was wondering if they were comfortable to ride and also how safe they are. combined we weigh about 300 lbs and i think i read that the seat weighs about 70. i know, you shouldnt ride with more than one person. but we really dont ride together on any hard trails. mostly very mild ones. i have an 06 foreman 500 S. will it make the bike top heavy? and how should i adjust when going uphill/downhill and around curves? i'm not really worried about storage space, just how safe and comfortable one is. any info would be greatly appreciated because i know nothing about them. thanks!
Well, I tell you the ride is great. The seat cusion is very soft. The only thing that I need to add to mine is some foot pegs. They sell a kit for that but, I didn't like the way it looked so I am planing on makeing my own. My son rides on the back of mine. He weighs about 100lbs. I'm about 250lbs. I did not like the way it rode at first so I got some HL springs and it is great now. The steering is a little light but, realy not bad. I can still go up prety steep inclines OK But if it gets to steep I slide as far foward as I can and have him get down on the seat behind me and so far have not had any problems. Just remember you have someone back their and that should help your judgement some. lol Hope this helps you.
Jay Dubb
thanks for all the info jaydubb. i found a pair of hl springs with the tool for about $170 <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Is that too much do you think? and do i really need the front ones too or just the rear? and about how long do you think it takes to put on? thanks again for the info
Yes, that is where I bought mine from. But, I just bought the springs no tool. I dont see where you will need the front springs if you dont want them. You could always get them later if you decide.
Jay Dubb

OOOOOOOOO yeah It took me about an hour to put on all four. real simple.
thanks jaydubb. youve been real helpful
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