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Well ran into a problem

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Last night after my football practice I went to play around in a pit for a little while, well I was climbing up about a 300 foot bank and I went to down shift at the top so I could get up over the last 10 or 20 feet, but when I down shifted instead of going into 2nd gear it just like went into nuetral, well the four wheeler started rolling backwards and got moving pretty fast ( no brakes ). At the bottom of the bank I lost control of it and it rolled and threw me off.

Well it rolled over three or four times, bent the handlebars really bad and tore of the electronic speedometer thing and bent my headlight.

So now I'm starting to make A list of things I need to get for my foreman so far this is what its looking like

Wheel bearings
Valve seals
CV boot
choke cable
Ball Joint

And theres a bunch of other odds and ends.

If any of you guys could help me find parts or make suggestions on where / what to get it would be greatly appreciated

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That sucks!
"no brakes"....just figures, mine barely has any and my son's 350 has NONE!!! Those hondas are **** on brakes!!! Good thing you didn't get hurt, but sounds like your bike took a beating!
one word for those parts.... eBay
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... category0=</a>

if you want new parts, I like to go to and look at the online parts diagrams, the microfische, add all the parts you need to the shopping cart, then go to with the part numbers you just collected and order away. Impossible to beat Service Honda prices.
Wow, that sucks.....
try here Lots of goodies youll be able to rebuild your whole bike piece by piece here.
Those are some good sites for parts
by it going into neutral like that, that means that you didnt downshift enough and it was in between gears.

as far as brakes, you cant beat the highlifter disks
Or the Extreme Discs.
Seems like all brakes wear out to quickly when used in mud or water.
all brakes will wear out a rocket scientist if you didnt already know.....

the highlifter disk brakes still work when u come out a mudhole. ****, they still work in the mudhole....
from what I hear the highlifter brake padds aren't all that great. I don't know for sure though
Whoever told you that is full of the brown stuff. i've used and abused my brakes and they still got alot of tread on the pad left
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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