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Well finally got the honda 500 snorkle

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Nice i just talked to The Beast and hb 300 on the phone, ya'll ready for labor day
sorry Brad for the wrong website you can tell by the time it was what state of mind I was in....**** yes ready to drown this honda labor day weekend...Honda rules at Busco Beach.....

Thanks Foreman Rider
Hey Dirty Foreman,

How do the Outlaws 27" hold up on the 500 ES...I have everything except the clutch kit and DGL...Do you think I really need them to turn the 27" outlaws...just wondering I have 26" itp swamplites little hard to get me through the thick stuff at busco if you know what I mean...where is a good place to get the laws...
if you have a jet kit air intake and exhaust you will be fine with 27 inch laws i have no problem turning 28 edls much heavier then the 27inch outlaw 60 dollar clutch kit would make it much easier though
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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