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weird oil light problems!

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I seem to be having some weird oil light issues on my 99 400 foreman. While I was using it the oil light would go on and off constantly sometimes it would be really dim and other times it would come on intermittently with no rhyme or reason. Some times it would come on just driving down a canyon road. I kept checking the oil constantly and the level never changed. It didn't seem to matter whether the bike was warm or cold the light would randomly come on. some days it would act up and others it would not. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Check the wire connection to the oil thermo sensor on the bottom of the engine at the rear. If this wire is off and grounds on the frame it will turn the light on. Dirt on the connection can also cause it to come on as you described. You will probably have to remove the skidplate to get at the connection.
I had trouble with mine, ended up being the control unit. Control unit from a 400/450 will fit.
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