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when i went to cross a creek this weekend i was holding in it but just as soon as my exhaust went under id died stood it up and drained the water out fired right up but took a while idleing before it would rev up the oil never became milky but why does it die ans soon as it goes under
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Was the whole thing under as far as the exhaust? I had my exhaust under water but not the whole bike last weekend and it never died.
I hit a hole a little deeper than i thought it was and the top light of mine went under and it never sputtered.
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if you just went in and out of the hole chances are that it wasnt under long enough, or you have the only bike that has a working check valve. i was never that lucky.

****, we arent even lucky enough to have water high enough to stall out in right now
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If you still have the factory check valve on your bike you might want to try what I did. I noticed that if the drain was ever hanging straight down under my bike and I went in the water it would suck water in almost immediately. But if i had the check valve laying on its side on top of the skidplate it would NEVER suck in water. So to make it stay on its side all the time I just used two zip ties and secured it to the swingarm pivot. Maybe its just my bike but since I've had it like this it has never sucked in water and i can sit and idle in rack deep water all day, not that i do. Maybe someone else can try this and see if it also works for them.
Here is food for thought...Vaughns bike did the same thing...His is snorkled and sealed off. We found that as soon as water reached the exhaust, it would die. On the opposite side as the pipe at the same level..there are 2 electrical connections mounted to the frame. You see them by looking under the rear fender. Once we unplugged these and put dialectic grease on both of these, the bike was under water and running in no time. Give r a try.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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