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water wheelies

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how do u do them! this is my first bike every little bit, i learn from u guys helps thanks
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When your Foreman is under water, put your feet on the back rack, pull back and hit the gas.
You don't have to stand on the back rack. Just lean back and hit it. If the water is deep enough, the front end will pop up. I also found the front end comes up even easier if you hold the front brakes and give it gas.
I wish i could do sum but it's to dry around here right now. I even have a snorkel now ( i'm writting this down as "FLIP" is saying it.) I wish i could do sum but he wont let me I just think he thinks i cant drive but i really can hehe. Last time we ended up flipped into a creek...dint hurt but was fun
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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