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water wheelies

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after about 3 1/2 inches of rain in the last week i finally get a chance to ride a lil deep water, I am a self professed mudlover, but I have to admit I see what all you water riding guys are talkin about, plus its about 90 sumpin outside so water is nice
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I am glad to see you feel the same way as us. Since water is hard to come by around here right now, do a couple wheelies for the Florida Crew.
with great pleasure, I guess i'm gonna have to make me a snorkel now, i've already been back up to the pond about 5 times, **** its good to live on a farm
All we can do is watch our videos...Please send some..
Hey Flip

Where bouts you ride? Im in Danville, just a piece down the road from you. I was just at Riverside the other day to get refreshments for a ride at chestnut flats, lots of mud, in Casey County I believe. We ride Forkland River alot.
if you go past the riverside to the crossroad before bradfordsville i live out the road that turns right, and yea I normally go out 210 between campbellsville and elizabethtown(yes the one from the movie for all who wanna know) but i'm wantin to find some more places around here, i've been to a place in casey but i can't remember the name of it, oh you wouldn't happen to be a customer of floyds would ya
spent all day with a grizz and a bf750 ridin wheelies in the creek about 4 4 1/2 foot deep. I even convinced my girlfriend that they were fun, the hard way. as in hey what the **** are you doin...........that was fun do it again.
hey flip sounds like a good day. i wish my new lady was as accepting as yours.

we are riding monday. putting in at carpenters creek rd and riding through the penn hole. maybe more. water and a little mud. hey with your 27" gators do you have any problems on the road? have you had any wear and tear problems on your ride?

as far as riding there are several areas around we will hit and last month we went to jackson co. for a ride. this weekend we are going to harlan co. for a 3 day ride. need 1 new tire before i leave and may end up buying 4 new ones. its only 1 day of overtime. so what
the 27's are fine, i havent had a problem yet, although i have a cv boot that is twisted up something wicked, but i think it came like that from the factory, gonna take it to floyds this week for service and let them check it, and i'm gonna have to come ride with yall sometime, o yea the guy on the grizz got sick having to get winched out by that "little Honda" 2 times today. hahaha
love it.

my buddy has a grizzly been in and out of shop for 3 weeks. i hate to admit it but he did pull me out 6 miles last week with a broken stem. i gave all i had to him he just had clearance. meet us down at the creek tommorrow if ya dont have any plans. give me a pm if ya want and we can figure out when and where.


how do you do the water wheelies? lots of air in the front?
the way i do it is.....put it in first, lean back, gun it
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