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Water tank hold fuel?

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I got one of these off of ebay,it holds 3.25 gallons of liquid,it claimed to be for water,just wondering if any of ya'll have used them for gas instead of water?
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I have never used on of these, but I used a can from lowes, that looked just like a gas can, on white like your picture. It claimed it was for water. I used it for water after Hurricane Katrina, but afterwards I used it for gas. The gas at the rubber away at the spout. I would recommend just using water in this
its the same thing as the flat packs. they have red and clear both made the same way. they may have a different seal like was said, although you may be able to change it out someway. thats alot of water unless your ridin for a few days and need it. you should probably be fine to use it for gas. just make sure you label it.
here! is a page that sells those and the gas ones. also they sell smaller 1.25 tanks for water and gas
precaite it guys,i just bought the tank off ebay for $10,they usually go alot higher than that,I'll just throw some gas in it and see what happens
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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