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Water Proofing for our bikes please make this a Sticky

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Can someone Sticky thread about Water Proofing our bikes in the how to section, I'm kind of searching the Idea and looking for all of the mods I need to do to my Foreman before taking it deep in the water and mud around here. Can anyone tell me where to start other than the snorkle, I'm looking to start with all of the small things first like the electrical connections and etc.

Thanks, Rusty
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i have a real good idea on how to do it, but like green machine it would be nice to have an how to article. i second his motion.

I dunno if this helps...but i 3rd it...
We really need just a one stop shop with all of the info that we need instead of it being scatterd all over the forums. I really think this will help oiut alot of people.

I will have to agree and that would be nice I try to take as many pics as posable when I do a mod. I try to help you guys out.
water prrofing

I do own a brand new foreman 4x4 Es so I am also in need of a chapter how to make it waterproof. This is also my very first ATV ever.
So I Will need all the help I can get from the other owners.
congrats on your new toy, u'll love it, i love mine more every time i ride it. this is the best forum on the internet for your foreman how-to. good luck

next time i get the bike out i may take some pics of all the stuff that i have done so that if someone wants to do the same, they have a good reference point.

i would have to agree that the how to section does need a major update...

and it would also stop the same posts over and over.
If you have any pics or write ups on how to water proof our bikes please post the write up and or pics and the materials that you used and how the final result is.

Thanks, Rusty
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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