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water problem

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when crossing water my four wheeler kills but only when i go slow. if i give it a good bit of gas it wont kill. i want to just be able to idle across the water. nothing gets in the carb. or airbox it just kills then right when i pull it out the water it will fire right back up.

i have the air box snorkeled and carb. vent lines snorkeled what else do i need to do to be able to just idle across the water.
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try turning up your idle a little.
Put some Di-eletric grease on the spark plug. That will help too. You can also put it on all your electrical connections, IE your winch.
plug your carb drain too
did everything except ele. plug where are they located
Is your exhaust under water? If so then you have added backpressure there which doesn't allow the engine to push exhaust out as easy. Basically at idle the exhaust pressure is lower then at higher revs. Look into an exhaust snorkel. Easy to build.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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