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Water out of the muffler?

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I know this is in the wrong section but this gets viewed a lot more. My son said he took his Rancher out of the garage today and fired it up. (it has been sitting for about a day and a half). He said that it sounded horrible and he rode it about 50 yards and back and a lot of water came out of the exhaust. He had it shut off on him in a smole hole last saturday and when he started it back up some water shot out, but not a lot. sounds like i need to buy a ton of oil and start changing! What do you guys think? Oh, I even had it on it's back rack washing it Monday night.
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well before u go cahngeing teh oil take a look at it if its milky white then it needs changed but if its normanl its fine
Well, before I could get home from work, my son had drained the oil out and it seems fine. The oil only had about three hours on it and it was really dark, but not milky white. He said there was some water in the drain thingy under the airbox, but the inside of the box itself was dry. As soon as I put fresh oil in it, I will see how it sounds. (Keep in mind this is the same kid that called a dealership because his engine was really hot and the fan hadn't kicked on)! LOLOLOL
if he took the bike swimming and doesnt have the bowl drain hose pluged up it will get water in the carb even if it has the check valve on it and cause the bike to turn off on him. you should just plug the hose with a screw
Cool, after work today i will drain the carb and see what's up. Thanks for the help. Any other ideas is appreciated.
no problem let me know if it works
if u do get water in the exaust again by sinkin it, put it in reverse pick the front end up and put it on its back rack and try starting, b4 u try starting it make sure it is not hydro locked
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