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water in the oil

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well this kind of goes along with my post about the leaky airbox. Since my air box leaked and the water filled up to the bottom of the filter, the water went down into the crankcase through the breather. I now have milky oil yay!!! anyway what's the best way to get the water out. Someone told me to drain the oil, fill the crankcase with kerosene, crank it like twice then drain it out and it should be good but i dunno. What's the best way you guys think?
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that would probally work but i just get like 2 gallons of junk cheap oil and drain the bike out and take the filter out and leave it out then fill the bike up with double the amount of oil that is supposed to go into it and run it for like 1 min do that twice and then put the remaining oil that you have left through and you shouldnt have any more oil one the last time put a new filter in and you should be good to go
Just change the oil like you normally would just do it 5 or 6 times. That's what I do and I think just about everyone else on here does. Change it, go for a short ride to get it warmed up, change it etc. I put a cheap'o oil filter in it a bout the 2nd time and then keep it in there until I change the oil for the last time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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