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Water in front diff!!!

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Any one else have this problem. 98 foreman. I just put the dgl in & the diff had water in it again.I have the bike snorkled, vent tube run to the snorkle & no fluid leaks.I replaced all the seals while the diff was out.I wonder if the vent hooked to the snorkel could be causing a vacuum in the diff., sucking in the water?Any experience in this would help. I have not run it since the dgl install.Moon
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Grass, vines or mud between the axle cups and seals, worn bearings and/or to much lift on the bike pulling on the seals. all these can contribute to letting water in the diff.
hi all new to web site wish i found it years ago. but any way ive done the same to my 00 and have the same problem i gave up and just change the oil afther evey water ride. and once a month flush it with diesel and start fresh.
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