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water in engine HOW????

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I keep getting water in my engine somehow. Im not getting water in my air box (which i got the crankcase hose going over the carb anyhow just incase.) I rode tonight for a couple of hours in non stop water that was top of the tire deep. Came home tonight and checked it and the stick was white as could be. So i drained it (which BTW is at least the 13-15th time ive had water in the engine) and added some more and put the kill switch on and held the starter button for a few seconds just to get the new oil swished around in the motor so there is not much water in it anymore. I will do the complete 5-6 time oil change tomorrow but im tired as **** tonight and cant be out in my garage starting and idling my motor to get it all the way through the motor. So how would this water be getting into my motor. The only things i can think of is #1) water getting in through the dipstick, the o ring is the only thing keeping anything from getting in or out of that area. #2) water getting in through the oil filter cover (which does not leak and has both o rings in place although the small one in the corner could be changed out.) #3) water getting in through a the case **highly unlikely but, i just had the output shaft replaced which means they had to split the case to replace it** Someone please help here, my motor still doesnt smoke after all of this beating and water and sand in the motor and has 1500 miles on it. Thanks in advance, and what a way to introduce myself ay!
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Maybe through the pull start??
i would say the same pul start but since they took the motor aparts they may have for got to silicone somehting
No, its not the pull start. i just got a leak shield put on. Someone else told me i should fill the motor with gasoline and see where it is leaking from, which sounds like a good idea but, i dont know about filing my motor with it...sounds kinda sketchy to me. Have any of you done this kind of thing before. Oh and he meant not run it of course. Just fill it through the top end (remove the valve cover and pour away.
I would use Diesel
QUOTE ("deadmullet":39wtziyo)
I would use Diesel
DO NOT run the motor on the deisel except to turn it over a couple times, between changes. (Pull off the plug wire if you have to.) It is thin so it will help flush the water. Don't use gasoline.
I don't know if you checked, but the leak shields leak. Mine did, and so did alot of others.
QUOTE ("raveer2000":3h2t1jub)
I don't know if you checked, but the leak shields leak. Mine did, and so did alot of others.
i ripped off the gasket that was on it and put my own gasket maker on it. which still leaks but no where near the pulley, only about one inch total in there.
I had to that too mine also. they are crap if you ask me.
To much gasoline in the engine is bad for the piston rings in long term.Do not rec it.I always take out the filter and run about five to six qts of cheap 10w40 and drain over and over untill clear,add new filter and prefered oil.Everone's gonna say run without the filter(no way),the white milkshake always stays in the filter housing and contaminates the flushing oil quicker.This allows all contaminated oil to escape,idle engine only!!!Sounds like you have checked all sources of water enterence area's,poss check carb intake clamps loose,carb vents and breathers,loose spark plug,take off crankcase hose clamp at lower engine and use a black tie strap in place and tighten alot.Good Luck.
Found my problem. I had the output shaft replaced a few months ago and when they put it all back together they did not tighten down the clutch cover/ clutch adjustment screw & bolt down tight. Well how i found this was by blowing into the crankcase hose and spraying soapy water in the area that i hear a small leak. Man this is why you should do your own work. I hate when people mess with my stuff...everything always goes wrong!

Anyhow, fixed the problem and am up and running strong again. Waiting to meet up with some of you all to do some riding.
well glad you found it i am sure the dealer would have taking 3weeks to figure that out.
All these dealer horror stories, makes me glad I didnt buy the warranty, then i would be tempted to let them try to fix anything wrong with it. I think I would just rather do it myself!
QUOTE ("Robb":3r9zm7e7)
All these dealer horror stories, makes me glad I didnt buy the warranty, then i would be tempted to let them try to fix anything wrong with it. I think I would just rather do it myself!
This wasnt from a dealer. This was from a local cycle shop. This isnt even half the mess i got from letting them replace the shaft. I took the motor out myself and brought it to them. Told them what happened and that the output shaft was bent and needed to be replaced along with whatever bearings or gaskets needed to be replaced as well. Well after about 4 weeks i finally get my motor back, head straight for my uncles house and start to put the motor back in. Well after about 6 hours everything but the plastic was back together. Go to fire it up...but it was in 4th gear, so i hit the down shift button and got nothing. Hit the upshift and it went to fifth. Try to manual down shift it with the tool and it wouldnt let me do it. So i brought the whole atv down to them and told them to fix it since they did something wrong.

They finally after 1 week started to work on it. They call me, i go down there. Start it and put it in gear and it doesnt move and this grinding noise was coming from the rear end. So he said my rear diff was screwed. I told him no, its something that you did. So i made him pull the rear tube off and i was right, the u joint was completely seated and was just grinding. So after that mess it works. I get it back to my uncles house to finish the plastics and notice when im coming off the trailor the rear end seems wobbly.

To top it off the guy didnt have the rear swingarm bolts tightened and the swingarm was almost ready to fall off. Man it just keeps getting better. So then while fixing that we noticed that the shop used a flat head screw driver to get the locking nut off the swing arm off. Well while tightning it back up like that he messed up a few threads on the nut. Well it wont go back in smoothly so my uncle shaved them off with his lath. Ok, so now everythings gravy right....WRONG! A friend of mine spotted some oil leaking out of the rear of my Foreman.

Turns out the guy didnt tighten the rear diff drain plug all the way and fliud was slowly dripping out which if uncaught would have locked my rear end up out on a trail somewhere. So by this time im ready to jam a knive down this guys throat. Got it going again and have been riding for the past couple weeks. Well alls going well until i notice after everytime that i ride i have water in my oil. I keep double checking everything thinking that its something that i dont have on tight or something. Well after 50 double checks i knew it was something other than something i did. So thats when i found out the clutch cover bolt was loose which was cauing water to enter the motor, also causing my clutch to be out of alignment. Sorry so long, just wanted to post my experience with this shop.
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What an ordeal Sorry to hear about that
its cool though. Its a Honda, no wonder its still running strong!
sounds close to my miss haps
Which cycle shop was it? There are a couple here in Melbourne that ae good.
QUOTE ("truegrit":2z69en5v)
Which cycle shop was it? There are a couple here in Melbourne that ae good.
Franks Cycle Center off Wickham Rd.
Wow, Warren has done work for me before. I've never heard about bad experiences from them. You can try Atlantic Cycle Service too, behind Ferguson's.
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