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water in carburetor

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running 28" outlaws, 2" snorkel, dyno with a 170 jet, aftermarket muffler
when i get in deep water i'm getting water in the carburetor, the snorkel is dry no water in the breather box tub, have sealed all the snorkel hoses and connections, it is a slow leak can play around in water for 30 second or so before it dies, any suggestions

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jus makin sure, you got the drain hose from the carb bowl blocked? How do you know you are gettin water in the carb? Does it jus start runnin like crap, then die?
yes, water drains out the first 10 seconds or so, double check and had the drain valve shut
did it act that way before the jetting?
had the jet and snorkel installed at same time, never got real deep untin then
wonder if maybe something wasnt tightend down correctly when they had the carb apart. You could double check all bolts on the top and bolts on the bowl. Water can find its way in the smallest of openings.
Or maybe you have 500 like mine, and it didnt like the water period, until I did the exhaust and jetted. Im only using a 172 jet, and im snorkeled with the hmf, maybe you are just running to rich???
what size jet are you running
QUOTE ("mdeans":269lzbaw)
what size jet are you running
Mine has the 172
Could you tell the differance robb between the 170 and 172????
QUOTE ("raveer2000":10pp9n1b)
Could you tell the differance robb between the 170 and 172????
172 is all ive ever tried.
Where did you get a 172? My jet kit went from 170-175, are you sure your not sniffing gas.
whoops....I am sniffing gas I guess....175 is what it is, I got confused with the 450 that has a 142 jet, to many numbers.
Snif snif, this means your buying breakfast!
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