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Water in Carb

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last night i took my 4man in deep deep water for the first time. it never died on me, it ran like a champ. i went through water up to the handle bars for a few hundred feet. i have all my vents ran up to my POD, my carb drain is pinched in half and zip-tied. and its snorkeled. after being deep for a while it would die when i gave it full throttle, so i drained my carb then it worked fine.
Question: how did i get water in my carb with all these mods? is there something else i should do or know about?
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Either one of your vents is leaking or the drain is not plugged good enough.
marcust. wat did u use to plug urs. cause i had same prob to day and the pl;ney way it can get in is the drain hose.
I used the end of the screw for the ujoint boot clamp. works good and you can't loose it.
ya thats wat i did last time but the hose wont stay on so i used a sheet metal screw this time and i end up with more water in the carb. so im goin to get a small bolt.
Maybe try checking the condition of your hoses make sure none of them are cracked or just replace them because if you can ride that long before you get water in the carb it is a small leak.
ok im goin to check that tomorrow
it also could of melted somewhere, this happened to me on my rubicon before. just check the lines all over and everything. just bring the carb drain line to the handlebars, its useless anyway if you have it pluged off.
I folded mine over and put a small hose clamp at the fold and it works so far.
thats the same thing i did with the zip-tie. i dunno where water in getting in at. i've never had this problem before, but i have never riddin in deep water for as long as i did last night. i was prolly about 30 min straight in deep water. a sand bar here and there. but the majority of the time my handle bars and snorkel were the only things you could see.
after reading this.... <a href="" target="_blank"></a> .... is it possible that i had no water in my carb? could it be possible that from ridding at an "upward" angle for such a long time that the carb was full of fuel and therefore would not start back up?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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