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water in carb problem

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i finally snorkeled my bike and everything is sealed up perfect, but i have a problem, water seems to get in the carb real bad the boots around it are tight, the vent line is ran up high to the handlebars, but somehow after playin for a little while i have to drain the bowl with the screw on the bottom, and i was just wonderin where its gettin in at, if anybody else has this problem, and fixed it help a brother out lol.
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even though the carb drain line has a check in it, it will still let water in the carb. It will need to be plugged off. If you look at the rear swingarm boot clamp screw. use the screw to plug it off.
Did you plug up the drain/overflow tube? If you didn't the one way valve will get stuck open and fill your carb with water.
I type to slow you beat me to it dirty4man.
yeah thats the one that i ran up i think i dont know ill take a look at it 2marow when its light out, or are you talking the actual drain tube where the screw has 2 be loosened to drain the bowl a pic would be nice
There are 2 lines on the top of the carb that should be run to the bars and one on the bottom right below the drain screw that should be plugged.
thanks i looked at my vent lines again and i saw that there was a vent where one line barely fell off and at a glance you couldnt see it thanks yall
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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