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water in air box

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anytime i ride in water over 2 foot deep i get some in my airbox some how..i'm really starting to freak out over this..all the other guys can go through the water with no problems..when i try it i have to pull over and dump the water out of the thrash catcher in the bottom of the air's not alot, usually just enough to fill the little dump tube..i know it's not comeing in through the intake..the water is not nearly deep enough..the only other thing i can think of would be a crack in my airbox..has anyone else had problems with shallow water getting in the airbox..i've really gotta fix this because i'm about to add a snorkle...
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You dont think it is coming in through the lid? Sometimes they dont seal all that great.
You said 2 feet ????? That don't make sense.. The air box is higher than that.. under your seat. Maybe the carb drain hose.. Did you plug this..

If you think it is your air box, Take the lid off and remove the air filter. Block the intake going to the carb and fill the air box with water when it is not running. See if it comes leaking out.. If so... then seal it..

That is a head scratcher..
mine does this its from the lid doesnt seal completely tight. if its not much dont worry about it. i only check mine if its under water for a long period of a time, which usaually it is. i know it also gets in around the air box drain plug the clamps get loose after a while.
Mine has been doing the same thing. I have tried everything I can think of and the best I can guess is that it is condensation from the intake when I hit the water / mud and cause steam.
Make sure the rubber boot that seals the carb to the airbox is on good and tight. A little waterproof grease on the airbox lid's gasket will not hurt either.
Mine does that too, just keep an eye on it and whenever u see water in the drain tube empty it out, seems to work fine for me.
if its doing it in just 2 feet of water it must be the plug at the bottom
Same thing going on here.

Noticed the drain tube looked a little different the other day as I was cleaning up. Took off the drain tube and is was full of mud and water. Opened the air box and the bottom of the box was cover in mud and water.

I have never been in water over the seat, rarely have I even been in water or mud up over the tires so I have no idea how mud and water found its way into the air box.
If it was just a little bit I might think it was from when we took them to the car wash but it was more than what I would think might find its way into the air box from being blasted with high pressure water.

The filter was not diry and everything else looks ok and never noticed any drop in power or anything. {dunno}

Are you guys positive that it is water and not gas?
I have an idea of what could be worng if you have a stock bike. While working on my Foreman I found something quite disturbing...I pulled on my air intake and it was loose...way too loose. As a matter of fact, I could turn the hose clamp with my fingers...when I pulled it out there were mud deposits on the inside of the intake hose. You might want to start there and see if that could be your problem.
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