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wat size tire do i need

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what size tire should i git? i got a honda 350 2wd and wat kind of tire?
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Is it stock suspension ??? Do you have any motor mods ??? What kind of terrain are you riding in ??? Need more info to answer that question....
This is for my friend . He wanted me to ask it for him. i think mostly he goes in mud & he has stock suspension & thats it .
If he is stock, then he doesn't want to go with Outlaws or Superswampers.. These are very agressive tires. Go with a moderate size Swamp Fox, ITP 589, or something along thoes lines. Anything bigger and more agressive, and you will drag power and will lag in deep mud.. Hope that helps..
It prolly will. thanx
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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