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wat mud tires????

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hey guys,

what mud tires should i put on my for my 07 foreman 500 4x4?i was thinking about the mudlite xtr
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you should let us know what type of mud ridding you do.
is it trail mud, or do you want to do some serious mud riding? like peanut butter mud?

also, what type of riding do you mainly do? trails, water, mud, or pavement? lol
well i ride in trails and lots of mudding and sometimes on pavement to keep the bike running when i haven't used it for along time or two weeks.
I would go with the new Gorilla axel 32"s

If you get in the mud alot I wouldnt recomend anything over a 28" without alot of mods and try to keep a lite weight tire!! I am running 28" mud lites right now and mine does good and its fully factory cept for the plug!
I started out with Interco's Vampires. They are good tires and do well in mud. Thier ride is rough at a very low speed but smooths out very well once you speed up over, say, 10 mph. One thing about them if you quit moving they will dig a hole. They dont do well in loose gravel either. Another plus is they are so tough if you were to get a flat, and I never have, you can run on them flat. All that being said, they are not the the #1 mudding tire, in my opinion. I rate them at #2. Highlifter Outlaws are recognized by most to be the best mud tire. I am saving for a set for my new 500 foreman now. I am of the opinion, just from looking at them, that they will probably give a rougher, higher vibration ride than others. But when push comes to shove, if your quad will turn them, they will do the job in the mud.
If you are looking for the best performance you can get in the mud then go 27" Outlaws, anything larger and you won't have the power to turn them well. Little rough at slow speed but I was surprised how they smoothed out and handled at high speed. Some sidewall roll in high speed corners but other than that pretty decent. As you can see by my sig I have several different tires and the laws are the best. Here is what it will look like............
I have 26" Mudlites right now. After having over a year of ride time on them, I'd give them a 5 out of 10. They are a great, cheap trail tires but they have many downfalls. They are very directional. Once you bury down going forward you'll have tough luck going backwards. They are horrable in sand. An upside to them, however, is they are very light and do give a decent ride.

That being said, I'm trying to sell mine right now so I can buy 27" Outlaws. Until Gorilla's tire comes out in smaller sizes, Outlaws are the best of the best. Mudzillas are very directional as well. I'm not a fan of them.

On another note, I also have 26" Vampires on our Rincon and they do great. I took it through about 4ft of water and sand trails and thick mud this weekend and they did exceptional. Defanatley one of the best tires out there.
Unstuckable ... how can you rate the Mudlites , Honestly, your running 2 on the rear , on a 2 wheel drive ???? IMO, Mudlites are an exceptional tire , especially for a stock bike , @ 26" tires , light wieght , Best choice . but there are several types out there , on the terrain where i ride , these tires per application are 1 of the best choices ,But everybody will have there own opinions and riding conditions etc.. .. I say just try what you want , and take it from there ....... Cheers I ride hard trail . wet mash /bogg and loose mud , even some pavement ... so far so good . very little tire wear to date (760 km's) .I ride aggressive too !!
I just sold my '03 Arctic Cat with GBC Gators and I loved them. They will get you thru mud, bad mud, and the ride is pretty good as well. I since got a '07 Foreman and put Vampires on it, and I can say that I love them as well. I have not had the opportunity to put them in any bad stuff yet, but feel confident that they will not let me down! I am not a big fan of the Mudlites, but everyone likes different things, they just ain't my cup of tea!

There are many good mud tires out there, just find a well known one in your price range and go with them.
i got 26" swamp witches. all around great tire and i got all 4 delivered for $280. 10x26 front and 12x26 back. check out tucker tire on ebay. they're kinda a knock off of the highlifter mst's but can't beat the price.
I vote for Kenda Executioners,26 inch size.I hear alot about how heavy they are and that they run short in size.So What! My 500 handles them like nothing,they wear like iron,they're reasonably priced,and I've only been stuck once in deep snow.
mud lites are great all-around tires. big and wide for sand, and do decent in mud. they also are smooth on pavment. i put 589's on my bike and they are pretty good for my kinda riding. not so smooth, good in mud, good in creek riding, bad in sand, they are skinny and dig to much for sand riding. i also just bought some 29.5 outlaws for after i get my LRD pipe ,clutch kit , springs and lift.
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