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Husband had an '05 Canadian Trail Edition Rubicon, did not like it very much and he felt it was to small for him, he is 6'1''. Sold it bought Grizzly. I was thinking of trading in 04 450 ES for a Rincon but have heard some things I did not like. Bike is used for trail riding mostly. Now I am leaning toward the 07 or 08 Trail Edition Rubie. If any one of you has one or an 06 please let me know what you like about machine and what you don't like. I want a softer ride and that is why I was thinking of Rincon or now a Rubie. i know it has a lot of power and 3 ways to drive it. I have been studying up on what would be the best bike for me. Note, I DO NOT like getting stuck. Thanks
I own the CTE Rubicon, and it's ok, but for trail riding, power, quality of ride you would be much better off with the Rincon. And with the proper tires, Rincon will do better in the mud.
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