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Does putting on a snorkel give honda a reason to void your warranty? just wondering if anyone has run into problems with that
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depends on the dealler
I'm 99.999999999999999% sure it will void the warranty!
the service manager at Honda here told me if they can link a problem with the bike to a mod it will not be covered under waranty. But I had another honda place tell me if I brought it to him he doesn't care what mod is on it if you have warranty he fixes it because he still makes money from Honda for repairing the bike.
We warranty 99% of bikes doesn't matter what mod .. But when 1 comes in for motor job (under warranty) with aftermarket air filter we remove the air filter and install Honda filter ..
Around here they will void it if you have bigger tires on it. I guess it really does depend on the dealer! That's what I have been told anyway. I did not get the warranty, I did not and still don't think I will need it. Besides I have full coverage insurance on it. If I hurt anything my deductable is low and they will fix it.
I straight asked the dealer if it would void my warranty if I snorkeled my bike. He said, just take it off if you have problems and put it back to stock, then there is nothing we can say. Thats why I bought an extra center piece for my plastic, just incase something goes wrong.
See all Jimmy fans are smart! That's a good idea!
See all Jimmy fans are smart !!
I wouldn't go that far !!!!
Yeah you may not but we will!!! Who won the last 2 races????
I know. Can't really say much about that other than they CHEAT !!!!!
One, its only cheating if you get caught. Secondly, most of the time its not a black and white situation, its a gray area that is not definied in the rules. The exception to this would be like Michael Waltrip's crew chief putting a industrial food lubricant inside the intake, that is pretty clearly messing with the performance of the approved intake. You have to push the envelope of figuring out how things work, and what makes your car better. Otherwise you become a stroker, IE: Kenny Wallace.
I have to agree with you on this one. Chad Knaus is a good crew chief. He definitely knows how to use the "GREY" area to their advantage. He has been caught a few times pushing it too far, but he usually gets away with it because it was not like you said a black and white situation. I have to admit they do run up front almost every week.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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