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warranty wonders

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This one might be for a Honda person. I called a Honda dealer. Not my local one cuz I didn’t have there number in my phone but had one for a dealer a few miles away since I checked on prices with them before. Asked if there were any recalls or product updates for my bike because I bought it as part of a model closeout and figured it sat at the dealership for a while. When they answered he asked for my VIN# and said there were no recalls or product updates for it. He then noticed that my ATV wasn’t warranty registered and noticed I had it for about 6 weeks. The guy informed me that it should only take a few days to get that done then wondered himself why they would do something like that. He said I needed to call my dealer I bought it from and ask them if it was registered. So I then called the dealer I bought it from and asked about the recall stuff and if it had been warranty registered. They said it didn’t have any recalls and asked if I gave out my VIN# or talked to anyone else about the warranty register thing. There voice then had a worried tone to it and they sounded like they usually don’t send them out and that I would loose my warranty for asking and that they didn’t seem very happy about it. I hung up the phone. A few minutes later I get a call from the dealer I bought my ATV from saying they will fill it out today and mail the papers to me promptly. The dealer gave me a new purchase date and told me if anyone from Honda calls me I have to tell them that my purchase date was like a few days ago not the 6 weeks ago that it really is and hung up. So what I am wondering is what’s going on here. Did I do something wrong or are they trying to do something wrong that there not supposed to do? This just all sounds kind of fishy. Just trying to figure this out. Srry for the long post
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sounds like they are trying to cover thier A.. if you know what i mean...
I agree . Sounds like someone at the dealer forgot to send in the warranty info .
Are they trying to do something illegal here? It doesn’t sound as simple as they just forgot. It seemed to me like that's usually how they do business and that they are ticked off at me for saying anything. The thing that has really got me worried is that now they are wanting me to lie to Honda about my purchase date for them.
Yeah sounds like the f'ed up and they are trying cover it the shop and tell them you want a 4 year warranty that you'll stay quiet if they pay for it....haha... i know its
What should I do? Need advice.
this mess up might be why some dealers say things that should be covered by the warranty arent because you actually have no warranty because soemone dropped the ball...might be worth trying to get them to pay for it in exchange for your silence....good catch though....
The dealer probably didn't pay off the bike when you bought it.He used the money for something else.I heard about a car dealer doing that before.All the new vehicles(or ATV's) are financed,once they are sold the dealer must pay for it,at this time the transaction takes place,the warranty begins.So I am assuming that if the atv has not been registered for warranty then Honda also hasn't been paid for it yet.Does this make sense?
I talked to the dealer and he said what they usually do for people who buy an ATV in the summer is wait on turning the warranty in for six months. He said they do this because people usually don’t use them very much in the winter. That way your warranty doesn’t start ticking away and get wasted while your ATV isn’t being used very much or at all, and when spring rolls around they turn it in. So they call it a service to there customers who buy it in the summer. Basically you get 6 months free for a total of 12 when you should be getting only 6 and they will still do warranty work for you during the winter if it needs to be done. Don’t know how legal this is and seems kind of shady but free stuff is always nice especially since you paid so much for it to begin with.
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