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warranty decision

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How many of yall bought the extended warranty with your foreman, I am going to southern honda on thursday, and have not decided whether or not to get it. I think I have decided to not get it and put the money towards the big foot kit.

By the way if you had to choose between the itp and the mud bugs what would you choose to use here in Florida.
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Well I will tell you I love the Mudbugs, quite a few of us FL guys here have em, and they work well.
I bought the xtended warranty with mine (thank god!). I had to have my motor rebuilt and they covered it under warranty! Long after the original warranty was gone.
I bought the warranty for mine and the dealership i bought it from told me if there are no claims at the end of the warranty they would give me a full refun.

I would say go with the mud bugs.
Thanks guys that is what I needed to know, I think I might get the warranty, and the mud bugs.
Guess I have the same question...Would you buy the extended warranty? Just got off the phone with Southern Honda and the fella told me that he wouldn't buy a 500 without the extended warranty. Now, I know these guys make their money selling warranties and other accessories so what do you think? Southern Honda charges around $600 for their extended warranty. I'm not sure wether or not to take the plunge! Any advice would be appreciated!
thats the only way southern honda makes there money. They try to sell a warranty or bigfoot kit with each atv to compensate the cheap prices. I bought only a 3 year warranty i figured if its gonna have any problems it was gonna be before then but i dont think you should larry up for the full 4 year warranty.
Thanks for the reply. That's the way I feel right now as well. Are warranties transferable? For example, could I purchase a warranty from a dealer in lets say Texas and still have warranty work done at my local Ocala Honda dealer?
yea honda care is avaliable for use aty all honda dealer's at least at car dealerships they are.
It works the same fo rthe ATV warranty. Any dealer can work on the bike.
Yea as long as it is a honda dealership well one that services honda's

Generally speaking, how much does the extended warranty's cost on a foreman? How restrictive is the warranty, if mud get in fan and motor overheats and goes BOOM do you get a new motor, or are you told sorry you abused it your sol.
My warranty on the 05 was about $600, one thing that I have heard about them is not to take it to champions, i heard they are kind of a pain about them. I don't know if I made the right choice in purchasing it, but I guess I will find out.
At least the warranty is refundable if you do not use it. Thats about what I paid for mine as well.
I don't know how you were treated at Southern Honda, evidently well, but my experience was a little different last weekend. When I went to pick up my 500 I met with a guy named Mike. Very friendly and everything went smoothly untill it came time for him to try and sell me the warranty. After I declined he got a little pissed off and told me I was stupid and making a horrible decision. My brother in-law sort of got into it with him and a few "names" were called if you can imagine I was honest with the guy and simply told him that I thought their prices on the warranty were too steep. He eventually settled down, sold me the darn bike, and I got the heck out of there! I HATE feeling pressured by someone to buy something! I was already giving them the money for the 500 but I guess since they sell a ton of 'em anyway they could care less. I've always heard that those guys get bonuses for selling those warranties. I guess my decision cost 'ole Mickey a trip to the Bahamas or something. Ha!

P.S. - I've been looking around for a place in Florida to purchase my warranty from. I tried to get one from a dealer out of state for much cheaper, but Florida has some law that voids the contract if the bike is not registered in that state. If anyone received a good deal on a warranty please let me know!
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i got basic warranty and ext broke rear ujoint they wouldnt warranty it because of the tires 27 superswamper 2times we have had warraty issuse and they desided to void it but they would fix it at my expense320.00 not parts only 45.00 30min to fix
which mike was it that you dealt with, sucks to here that you had that kind of experience with them, I dealt with mike von or something like that. Hopefully the price of the bike made up for the aggrevation.
QUOTE ("dano":qgkhgydh)
i got basic warranty and ext broke rear ujoint they wouldnt warranty it because of the tires 27 superswamper 2times we have had warraty issuse and they desided to void it but they would fix it at my expense320.00 not parts only 45.00 30min to fix

Thats why I kept my stock wheels and tires. Once they reject you for one thing, your in the system and are going to have a hard time getting anything else done. Its BS for sure.

Next time call me, if you've got my number still, and you can borrow my stockers, to take it to the shop.
yea i am keeping all my stock stuff for reasons like that
I dealt with Mike Vaughn as well. Nice guy but I guess he just lost his cool for a few minutes. The price of the bike was definetely worth the hassle. Now I'm sort of wishing I would have just bought the stupid warranty and it sounds like I'm going to keep my stock tires as well! I can't imagine paying $550 for a warranty and having a dealership tell me they can't cover it. That's CRAZY!
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