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Warn winch question...

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I have a warn 2500 winch and when I am winching in, it feels like it misses a tooth and then keeps going. Kind of like a skip, the weirdest feeling if you are pulling up a steep hill. I have had it a part 4 times and replaced and replaced the shaft and spring. Also have sent it in to warn and no problems found. Any one else with this issue or could it really be the cable sliding into place on the reel? I havde also pulled it out and winched in numerous times to tighten it. Most of the time it works fine, just in the last 10 or 15 feet is starts to do that. Any help would be great!
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Its probably the cable popping as it winds up.That will also make it hard to unwind sometimes.
It is likely the cable crunching in between the other wraps on the drum, upgrade to winch rope and you will never have to hear that again. Its much stronger and no more cable splinters or kinks either.
It's not the noise so much as the quick feeling it gives when it feels like it let go. No big deal except when you are going up a steep hill. Are the Amsteels at a decent price, I guess I have not priced them. Do they break as much as I hear on this site or is that from misuse?
I think the main reason they break is because a lot of people use the rope with a roller fairlead and at times it will pinch or cut the rope.You must use a Hawse fairlead with the rope if you want it to last.
The ones that are breaking must be cheap imitations not genuine amsteel. I have used mine with a roller fairlead since I put it on over a year ago, I do tons of winching, even hang the front from a limb to wash underneath every time I ride and have never had a break. Warn supplies their rope with a roller fairlead, only thing you can't do is use and old fairlead that is chewn up from a steel cable.
homie189. u will know when ur missin a teeth on a gear. i shoould now. i striped all mine out. bout 2 months ago. from wat im learned dont buy a 2.5 warn buy the 3.0
Do you have the hassle of pulling out the cable to clean after each ride to clean out mud and let dry?
You don't have to clean the amsteel rope after each ride, it comes from the sailboat industry and is resistant to rot and mildew. Once in awhile (maybe once a month) I will pull it all the way out to inspect it and to rewind it nicely on the drum. All I ever do for cleaning is put a rag around it when I rewind it once a month. Great stuff and definitely worth the money. 75% of the bikes around here use it and I have never heard any complaints yet.
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