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warn winch problems

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i have a warn 2000lb winch on my foreman when i press the button to go in or out all it does is click what could be wrong
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you could try jumping accross the silinoid to see if the winch rotates or dissconnect the winch itself and use a set of jumper cables to check it. doesn't matter which way you hook the cables up on the winch, one way will be forward and the other will be reverse.
i just tried that and i couldnt get any movement at all
you will have to tear down the winch itself and check for damages. could of got water or mud in it and clogged the brushes or burnt them out.
yea thats wut i figured and i also broke a post off of the solenoid. where the best place to find one of those?
Winner cycle in Baton Rouge off Millerville Rd may have a silinoid in stock. For what it's going to cost you to fix the warn you may be better off getting a new xtreme or Gorilla winch off ebay. you can get a complete 3.0 winch for around $100 plus shipping. Here is a ebay link if you want to take alook. just scroll down a take a look, there are a few to choose from.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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