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Warn Winch Problem...

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I have recently just put my Warn 2.5ci winch back together. It was falling apart. Don't know what happened but the long bolt screw type thing fell out. I took the winch off to put it back together (which was a pain).

Now it doesn't seem to pull a load. Like when im winching my buddy out the winch pulls so much then stops. There is like not enough power from the motor to turn the spool.

By the way what is the difference between the Warn XT and the RT. Might be thinking of getting a new winch.
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I think you will find the motor housing with the magnets is installed backwards (trust me, I made the same mistake). The magnets are offset to one end and it has to be on the correct way or you will only get about 1/3 of the power.
Oh, ok thanks a lot.

i will try to see what i can do. I will look into this tomorrow.

Thanks for your help.
The only difference between RT and XT is XT has syn rope instead of steel. On the 3000lb series the XT also comes with a wireless remote instead of wired. Other than that they are exactly the same. I have the 30RT and it is a beast. Spent a total of $465 for winch and plate at . No one could beat that price at all. I shopped for a month for a better price. Had the winch in 3 days of placing my order. I called them and they were super nice people. They couldn't find my tracking number the next day after ordering and the lady that usually takes care of all of that was out sick. The guy said he would call me as soon as he found it, so I was like "great he'll maybe call me back". Well my phone rang about three minutes later with the tracking number. I will order all my stuff that they carry from now on, even if they are not the lowest price just because of the customer service. It was top notch in my book. Anyway, get the RT if you ask me as the XT is not worth the extra dough for what you get. You can always spool on some bluesteel syn rope for alot cheaper once your steel cable gets a kink or rusts out too much.
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