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warn winch not working... ??

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my winch has been working fine then i got on it today and figured i would unspool it all and reel it in nice and tight. i hit the button and nothing happened. no click or anything, i checked all the connections and they all seem fine (nothing corroded)

any ideas?
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Must be something inside the winch if all the wires are ok.
i had the same prob.. i whould check ur fuse box. its like a size 10mini fuse is wat blow on mine...let me know if it helps
If you have a test light put it across the winch terminals and see if the lights comes on when you press the switch. If light turns on then the problem is in the winch itself. I would say it's a fuse.

thanks ppl, i will try this stuff as soon as i can...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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