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warn special edition winch

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does anyone have any info on the new warn 3.0 special edition winch. should i pay the extra 40 bucks for this one or just go with the warn 3.0 standard winch? will this winch hold up in water?
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if its the one am think about the red one i would would spen the extra 40 bucks just cause it looks bada$$
look into Viper winch on e-bay, they sound like there gonna be the next big thing, I think im gonna invest in one sometime in the near future.......

alot cheaper than the warn......
Whats so special about it. I know they were going to add a brake to some or at least you coould get a brake kit for them.
I saw the winch in my Rocky Mtn ATV catalog.

3.0 XT winch
Comes complete with synthetic rope w/ rock guard, powder coated red finish, mechaincal brake (I had that much right), minirocker and handheld remote. Winch mount not included.

All that for only $593.99

The regular 3.0 is $398.99, with everything but the mech. brake, popwdercoating and synthetic rope. That not a lot for an extra $200.

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wow, that kinda makes me want a winch
That is kinda pretty. As with my atv, i would hate to get it dirty
Do you think you really need a winch? Thats for people that play in the MUD!
QUOTE ("randysrubi":tjrkddpl)
Do you think you really need a winch? Thats for people that play in the MUD!
I need one to pull Jennifer out all the time She would be even braver
if we had a winch.
I have the standard warn 3.0 I love it. I have only need the brake (which it doesn't have) one time. I just bought amsteel blue winch rope for it. I don't like the wire rope it bites. If you can afford the XT buy the XT, but there is nothing wrong with the standard winch they should offer it with synthetic rope.
how much do these winches weigh on average?
That one is 16.3 lbs. The regular 3.0 is 19, and the 2.5 is 15.4 lbs.
What is this synthetic rope? What is it made of?
Gotcha. Sounds like some good stuff.
That is cool. Makes me rethink getting a winch. I did not want the extra weight on the front of my bike but with the synth rope it is not that heavy.
I just want some to use as my next tow strap! might not break that stuff as easy... does it have the same consistency as rope? never seen this stuff in person
The page does sell winch extentions . Would make a great tow rope I bet.
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