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Warn or Ramsey wincs?

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So which one do you think is better a Warn 2.5 or Ramsey 2.5?
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I personally prefer warn. I had a ramsey on my old blazer and it dident have very good water profing, but thats just my opinon. Check out the warn 3.0, its sure to get you out of almost any situation and its water proof.
Warn all the way. Tough and Rugged. (Very)
Yep, gotta go with the Warn, i hear the 3.0 winches are sealed so if you do a lot of water riding you might want to consider it, otherwise the 2.5 will do the trick.
Definitly WARN all the way!!!
Another vote for Warn
warn and nothing but!!!
I have the warn 3.0, I think its about 3 years old and it stays under water and mud. so far it has never let me down.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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