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Warn bumper plus AP skid????

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Do yall think I could make these two work together??

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nothing a little elbow grease and a sawzall won't fix.
i wish Warn made that bumper for a Rubi
check with them on my box it said rubi and foreman not sure if it will fit yours though
It will fit, the Rubicon and Foreman are identical on the front, I own both.
could you post a pic of how it looks i am thinking about doing this my self
I don't have mine on yet both sitting in the garage waiting on time when I get em on I'll try and post a pic for all to see and do a short write up on what had to be done to put them on the bike
OK so far I have the winch installed along with the AP hook holster and trial fit the warn bumper all it takes is removal of 1/2 inch of the lower crossbar on the bumper I'll shoot some pics on Wed. if all goes well
ok here is a shot of the area that had to be trimmed I removed about a half inch
here is a shot of the front before the warn bumper was installed
and the bumper installed
I really like that, looks great. Hmmm, I might need to order me a bumper.
ya it looks good and it gives the front end alot more protection to the plastic grill area with the heavy crossbar and side plates
wow that does look good. Maybe I might buy a complete AP skid... how much did you have to cut? I can't really tell by the picture on where... could you possibly take a top end picture? Reason I'm asking is because I have the warn trail lights mounted on there.

I'm sure there wont be a difference, but would there be a difference between installing the hawse fairlead instead of the roller? It just bolts directly on so I can really only assume.. it looks fine to me though.. suppose I could cut any part of the skid if need be.
no cutting of the skid plate just on the warn bumper, the crossbar that you have the lights on is kinda retangular shaped with the back side open I had to cut a half inch off the bottom part of the bar it will not affect where the lights go and you can't see it from the front or top only on the bottom and the bumper is bolted on now. I'll try and shot another picture that shows it better tommorrow I am at work now till midnight. as far as the hawse fairlead it should just bolt right up with no mods needed
yeah thats what I thought, I was just worried about that top piece where the lights go, thats cool then. I figured you wouldn't really need to mod the plate any to accept a hawse fairlead. It looks great though mudbuddy
Thanks, I real happy with the results
I'm really liking how you have full coverage all the way from the cross bar where you cut, all the way to the bottom.
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