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Warn 424

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can someone show me some pics of this mounted?
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Here is a picture i found online when i get a chance i will try to get a picture of it installed on mine.
Here's one on mine. (On the lower left side of display)
The installation could of went alot easier, LOL
so was it a pain to install?

i notice you have the Warn bumper ..... do you have a pic of this? i've been looking at these and would like to see an actual picture and not the one from the website; which is a far off pic and cant tell much from it
WOW! alot of steps, but alot more detailed than my lift kit was!

i really want one but just hope when i do get one, i can do this install.

you got any pics of our Warn bumper you have on the front?
Yes, here is a pic of the bumper.
thanks! looks good!
The rubicon you have to mount the switch for the kit on the right hand side. I have installed two of them and they are pretty easy. First took me 2 hours second one only took me 1 hour. I love my 424 kit really recommend it.
which means it will probably take me 4+ hrs
It took me & my buddy right at 6 hours, but we are pretty dumb on stuff
like that. Once we figured it out, it was simple.
QUOTE ("Foreman325":zt9bxtjt)
Yes, here is a pic of the bumper.
What is the tubing behind the Warn bumper, is that OEM or part of the Warn assembly ?

thats the oem bumper...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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