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warn 424 select rurn!!

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can anyone tell me if the 424 system from warn would be worth having. has anyone had any problems with them, and do they work like they say they will. do they help with the turning. thinking about getting one for my rancher. need some help guys, any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks alot
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The warn 424 is a great mod. I have one on both of my bikes and wouldn't have it any other way. It does require some cleaning from time to time.
the BEST add on i can think of for a rancher.the only "cleaning" is the selector handle assy. you just clean and relube it so the detent (locking ball) will work smooth (10 minute job) do it once every so many months.
budddy of mine has it and works flawlessly was thinkin of gettin one myself kinda miss the days of being able to kick the rear way out around a cornner
The 424 is one of the best mods I have installed on my Rancher. I highly recommend it.
thanks alot guys!!!! yall have helped me make up my mind
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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