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Warn 424 question

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I took my controll knob assambly apart to clean it and noticed it has only one ball bearing. I have read to expect 2. There isnt any place for a second ball to go. Perhaps there was a design change? Anyone that has cleaned theirs did you have 2 bearings or one? Where did the second one go?
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i never striped mine down that far to clean it but my friend took his all apart and he said bearings went every where so that means his had more than one.
The 3 that I have installed, had more that one. But this was in the last 2 years. Possibly a design change. Does it work properly? If it does, dont worry...
It works OK, Sometimes it doesnt want to pull more than a little (not nearly enough to lock) but this is cured by rolling around in neutral a little. Then other times it doesnt want to lock but pressing the button a few times rapidly usualy solves this. I am just wondering if the design difference helps with this.
there should be two locking balls in it. What I do when locking ours in, as I pull it out, I also twist it alittle one way or the other and this will alow it to lock. Rolling or at a complete stop. I dont have to do it everytime, but on occasions when playing in the mud.
I often also do the turn trick. There is definately only a place for one locking ball. I am going to contact warn and see what they say. I doubt any kind of waranty stands but warn is often a great company to deal with. It appears that mine is of an older design.
I have the same problem with not locking out. I drilled a hole through the little button and put a key ring in it so I could twist it easier.
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