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Warn 424 question

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I added the warn 424 to my 99 foremanS and it works great. It shifts easily from 2wd to 4wd and does exactly like it is suppose to. My question is, is it normal in 2wd mode to occasionally hear the front differential turning free while riding? In 4wd there is no noise from the differential, but occasionally while in 2wd I can hear the front differential. It's not loud and doesn't seem to be engaging, but didn't know if this was normal because I haven't ridden with anyone that has one. I've put about 15 miles on it and haven't noticed any problems other than the occasional rattle, usually when slowing down. I've checked the front differential oil and it has enough oil in it, and the oil looks fine. Just want to make sure that everythings alright before I go on any long trail rides out of state. Thanks for your help.
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I don't recall hearing anything on either of our bikes. maybe try ajusting it alittle more, it might not be dissengauging enough.
drain some diff oil and get some limited slipp additive and put a couple of ounces in it,,,that will cure your problem,,,,,,it did for me
I already tried adjusting the cable, unfortunately that didn't solve it. I'll try adding the limited slip oil this weekend. Didn't think of that, Thanks.
Mine rattles some when I really slam it around. I dont hear any noise from the diff but it isnt shocking. If you think about it the diff is still turning when the quad is rolling. It is just able to turn independantly of the driveshaft.
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