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warn 424 problems

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finally got bike back together and it is ripping. However, warn 424 is stuck in 2 wheel drive. Anybody else have this problem? Stuck cable, gummed up inners, just broke?
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Is the control knob moving at all? Playing in the mud I have to take mine apart sometimes twice a year and do a good cleaning.
yes, I have had the same problem with the knobs. I cleaned it all and it locks where it needs to but bike stays in 2 wheel drive. Got me in lots of trouble tuesday.
if the knob is moving that only leaves the cable and the locking device on the shalf. You might have to take the shalf out and seperate it for a good cleaning. They also make and sell replacement cables for it.
kinda figured that, probably do that tomorrow and see what happens??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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