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warn 424 problem

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I have searched this topic and still have not found what I need, so here it goes. The handle on the 424 won't lock into place at all, I have taken it apart several times, cleaned and lubed it each time. After I clean it it works for a couple of pulls, and if i lock it in 2 wheel drive and let it set, and then come back and release it, it will not lock again. I have noticed on the brass part that the ball bearings are in, that there is a groove on each side of the holes that the bearings set in. It seems like the holes that the bearings are in have become larger of the bearings have shrinked, because they stick in the holes pretty good. Any ideas would be helpful, and is there any where to get replacement parts, warn only has the cable replacement on their website. I am just thinking about buying a slightly larger bearing and see if that helps. Sorry for the long post, but this problem is really ticking me off. Thanks in advance.
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I would think Warn would have the parts, but it sounds like your on top of it. I think the little balls are made of carbon steel, so that means that they will rust away in time. If the holes are oversized as much as you say, maybe try a BB in it. That if the BB is not to big. I wouldn't even know where to fine a assortment of balls to try.
ACE HARDWARE Has a good supply of barings.
Hope this would help or call Warn and tell them the problem.
A friend of mine with a 450 had this same problem and now uses vise grips to hold it in place.
Goto ATVOUTFITERS.COM they have the the bearing and seal kit for $33.00
I called warn, and they are sending me a new sleeve that for the assembly, so I hope that works, and they are sending it free of charge. What service! If that doesn't work, the guy told me that they sell a cable replacement that replaces everything from the drive shaft up. I will just have to wait and see. Thanks for the replies.
we had a 424 on a rubicon after bout 6 month it did the same thing then we just sold the rubicon for a 06
I just received the sleeve from Warn. It is the inner brass sleeve the contains the bearings and the release button. If you guys are having problems with your, I would recommend calling Warn. they sent it to me free of charge, that is the best part.
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