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Warn 424 problem

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I followed the instruction. But when i went to install the small black allen head screw for anti rotation bracket i couldnt get it to go in! There is no room to start the screw at all, And plus it hits the driveshaft when i try to start it. Anyone have any tips? How did you all do yours?

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it can be done in place, but its a pain. I installed the allen and rubber first before I put the driveshalf in place.
hi curtis just did my 424 today,i held the bolt in place then pushed it into the rubber boot untill it was straight.then a ratchet to do it up.must admit the instructions arent the best in the world but they sure do help.didnt get any with mine,the guys on the forum helped though.
Cool, I got mine on finally! I guess it wouldve been a little easier with a extra set of hands. Ive just got adjust my switch. Its really hard to pull it into 2wd. I have to get off of the machine and pull it. I dunno what the problem could be with that? Also when i shift down i get a slight vibration, this didnt start out until i put the lockout kit on.
I wouldn't wait to long before adjusting it. With it being to tight your taking a chance of damaging the cable. Cant help you with the vibration, never had any problems with mine, just make sure nothing is in a bind.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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