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Warn 424 noise? or Disk Brake Noise?

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I just came back from a long weekend of mudding in VT. I have a question about what seems to be loud grinding type noise during engine braking on 2004 Rubicon. Its hard to pinpoint but it sounds like the noise in from the 424 shaft? It doesn't do it everytime, and its a very different noise than the standard noise it always makes during engine braking. Also when it happens, I can stop on the hill and roll 6" and it will make the noise, which can't be engine brake in my opinion. I rode the bike basically the same way the week before when I first installed the 424 and never heard it, this week I installed a new Disk brake conversion kit and it works great, it doesn't sound like its from the brakes but I'm a little stumped if anyone has any info I appreciate it. I was wondering if its could have been related to the mud? maybe caking up somewhere and was sporadically making it wobble or something?
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Does it make the sound only when the 424 is engaged, or dis-engaged?

Also, check and make sure a small pebble or debris is not caught between your brake rotor and the plate behind it. I helped out a guy the other day in a Dodge 4x4 truck that was convinced his front differential was going out because of a loud, high-pitched sound being made any time the wheels/driveline was turning. I pulled off his wheel and found a tiny little pebble caught against his brake rotor. Problem solved. Surprising something so small could make so much noise!
Hey G-man, both, it seems worse with 4x4 engaged but it will make it either way, and reason I don't think its brakes is I tried holding the front brake to drag and it still made the noise. I really hope its not something more serious like the tranny....?
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