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I have noticed that over the months that my 424 is VERY tough to disengauge the front differential. I have to play around with it for a minute for it to come out then it locks. Any help, this thing is driving me nuts.
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I assume it worked fine when first installed and was adjusted right. Some times the cables will stretch alittle and need readjusting. They need to be cleaned pretty regular. It doesn't keep the mud and sand out to good, but what does? I used anti-seize on my last cleaning and it seems to be working great. Just be careful when taken it apart, there are two small steel balls that will fall out.
Someone else was having the same prob...It ended up being the rubber strap he did not secure... If it just now is acting up, this isn'tthe culprit... Hmmmm
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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