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Warn 424 difficult to pull and doesnt lock

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I bought my 2000 450es with a warn 424 already on it. I was told that it "seemed stiff" The knob is verry tough to pull and doesnt stay once pulled. Its kinda like I am just stretching the cable. I have sprayed it with some PB and worked it back and forth some. Sometimes It pulls OK but still doesnt lock. Having never used one of these I am unaware if I am supposed to push the center button to make it lock into 2wd or if it is supposed to stay out or what.

Any help on this would be apreciated. I really want this thing to work as I hear they are great. Just have no idea how to fix it.
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I have put several of these in and had the same porblem with only one of them... What happened was that I forgot to install the stock piece off of the origional drive shaft.. Once I uninstalled it, and put the piece in, it worked fine. I can not remember if it was a spring or what. Read the directions and where it says to put the origional piece in, make sure itis there.. Hope that helps. That was the only problem I have had.
That and make sure that your cable flows sharp bends. Better to have more cable running smooth that a shorter cable with tight bends..
Unfortunately I dont have the instructions, I sent warn an email asking for a set but they never responded. Hopefully I will be able to track down some instructions to figure this out. Thanks for the tip.
No prob....From the sounds of it, it is the same thing I did when it happened to me. Should be an easy fix.. Good luck..
also you might want to take the shifter apart and clean it real good and use like 3 in 1 oil it works great. if you do take it apart be careful not to loose the bearings.
Here is a random quick question. My friend played with it some and got it working. I noticed that the big unit in the driveshaft has a small strap going to it. It apears to limit the outer casing to about 1/4 turn. Is it supposed to keep it from turning at all or should it allow for some travel like it does? thanks
A good cleaning will most likely solve your problem. I used anti-seize on mine from time to time. Just be carefull when taken it apart, parts will fall out of it. The strap is to keep it from rotating when in motion, A little slack is fine and will not cause any problems.
yea a little slack will not hurt it but, if the strap seems wore out or weak i recomend replacing it.
AAAAAhhhh.... You located the "Gremlin".. Yes, secure the strap with the u-bolts. Glad you got er' runnin'..
Thanks for all the help.

I am AMAZED with how it chenges when disengaging the front drive. Its a whole different toy.
I have the SAME PROBLEM. My 424 unlocker is a few months old and NEVER in mud or anything. But ever since the first day I ALWAYS had trouble disengaugeing into 4x2.
bump mine warn 424 seems to be stuck in 4x4. I have just replced the cable. It worked and then i had to take apart to install the DGL no it wont work? small
wd40 sprayed in the cable works for me
bump mine warn 424 seems to be stuck in 4x4. I have just replced the cable. It worked and then i had to take apart to install the DGL no it wont work? small
is the cable adjustible if so adj it in or out .it may just need some fine tuning
ya had it to far out moved it in and now it works again sweet! thatnks rich. Had it adjusted the same as before must have just been of by a c**t hair
Mine tends to not go into 2wd some times...What I do is shift to reverse and move back about a foot then shift to neutral...Then it goes right in. Its a habit now. If I wanna use it, I just reverse a bit to "set" the tranny.
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