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Warn 3.0 winch questions

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I just bought a warn 3.0ci that comes with the detachable remote like the new rt30. This will be mounted into the aluminum products hook holster setup. I was wondering where people mounted the corded remote socket. I was thinking about mounting it next to the accessory outlet. Anyone have pics of this? I am also considering mounting the contactor in the storage box. Does the provided wire reach? Where have you mounted the contactor? Pics of this too would be great.

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I will try to post some tomorrow, mine outlet is opposite side of the 12v accessory plug. My contactor is under the back my my rear winch. Not in the box enclosed and have not had any problems.
Send me your email and I'll send you my pics. My remote socket is mounted in front of my center headlight right below the 4X4 sticker. I put my contactor under the seat right above the battery on that black bar with some u-bolts identical to the ones that came with the winch. I just went to the hardware store with one of those and matched it up. You can put it on the left side(looking at it from the back) of the storage box. My buddies was installed at the stealership and that's where he they put it and he's had no problems also. My seat does drown out some of the sound of the contactor though. I have the 30RT myself. You will have plenty of wire either way. Oh, I'm on dialup if your wondering why I am not loading the pics here. It will give up before they get loaded.
Here is a photo of where the remote connection is. I can't get a good picture of my contactors.
I mounted mine on the inside of the storage compartment on the front left fender. I put on some silicone to seal up the hole and it stays dry.
I put my socket where homie189 did also, opposite the 12V socket. Almost killed me drilling a hole in the plastic!
Mounting Locations

send me your email and I will provide pics of how I did it.

Today I started installing my warn 3.0ci winch on my forman 500. So far I have the winch mounted to the ap mounting bracket and attached to the atv. I also mounted the roller fairlead on the ap front hook holster. I plan to follow what other on this site said and mount the contactor under the seat on the bar with u-bolts.

I also removed the plastic on both sides of the engine and the two colored pieces around the tank.

I have a few questions about the wiring. Where did you attach the wires for the handlebar rocker and wired plug switch. I know they need keyed power. Did you splice power off the key wire in the headlight pod or splice power off the 12v outlet?

Did you have to remove the front plastic/inner fender to get access to the 12v wires?

Also, anyone with pictures of the install would be of great help
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Splice into accessory wire. You can remove the ~12" harness from the main harness so you can make a nice splice on bench if you want. I wouldn't do it any other way, this seems to work very well. I put contactor in rear storage box. A lot easier IMO
I went out to look at the atv and still can not figure this wiring thing out.

I took and partially separated the top of the pod from the bottom, but was unable to get any slack in the key wire.

Next I tried to take theaccessory outlet out, but I do not have enough room to get the bolt off without removing the front plastic. Do I have to take off the front plastic? That seems to be a major PITA if I had to take off the front rack, front plastic...cause that would involve taking the whole front ap hookholster back off too.

How do I easily get at the accessory wire??????
Help would be great!!![/b]
It just unplugs from back of accessory. Then unplug from main harness; this is located under the front left fender. I taped a piece of wire to accessory harness when I removed from machine so that I could run same route when I put back in, this is up to you but it makes it a little easier when putting accessory harness back on.

Use the accessory wire. To bad you didn't live in MN, you could just drop it off.
Any pictures of your wiring. Not having too much luck. Followed the accesory plug till it plugs into a green plug. One wire is green and the other is white. No power at them. What are people using for accesory wire tap in? have the xt 30 and a 04 500 Rubicon.

Thanks for all the tips. I got the winch installed and running, just have not posted until now. I tapped into the accessory outlet wire in the left fender. I will post some pictures of the install when I get a chance.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
what color was this wire ? Any pictures? trying to finish and just have to determine which wire for the switched power. pictures would be awesome, anybody.
I do not recall color of wire, just use a test light. There will be no power when key is in off position.
no need the pink wire coming off the key it only comes on when the key is on.
How are you gaining access to the wires for the accessory plug. I was trying to hook up my winch tonight but couldn't get to those wires. Any help is appreciated!
This is on a 2012, and its a superwinch, but its the same concept. I tapped into the hot wire in my 12v outlet. Only works when the key is on. For mine, taking off the tank shroud gave me plenty of access to the backside of the panel I mounted it on and the wiring for the 12v plug.
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