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Warn 3.0... Shouldnt they have a InLine fuse at Power>??

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I just finished installing my wrn 3.0 on my 500 and noticed there is no fuse at all on the set up what if for some reason theres a short between the power cable and the battery or anywhere??? I mean If tht battery blows under you I can image that wouldnt be that nice..... But If I was to install a inline fuse what amp fuse should I use, I mean I know you need to pull alot of power for full strength... ??????
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I have the Venom 2500 winch and I thought the same thing too when I got done hooking it up. But that is the only winch that I have ever installed and ever looked at so I guess they dont come with them, plus they would be pulling a lot of amps though it and would blow fuses right and left under a heavy loud. So what I did is just leave the winch disconnected under the seat until I need it.
I have never seen a fuse on a winch before. I think its because the switches used are momentary switches. Once you let off the switch, the contactor releases and no power can go to the winch. You can put the 12V leading to the switch on a fuse, but if you ran it to a "keyed" circuit, which is how most are run, then it is linked to your main harness and fused in the factory fuse box.
I believe your contactor is there for protection as well, the draw on the winch's is considerable, at 500 lb draw it draws 46 amps and at 3000lb draw it uses 202 amps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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