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Warn 2WD to 4WD Selectable Conversion

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I saw on eBay a Warn retro-fit kit that allows a full-time 4WD to be converted to selectible 2WD - 4WD. Anyone do this modification? Was it worth it? Can you shift on the fly?

What are your thoughts?
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i have one, and yes you can shift on the fly but you can not shift into 4x4 while your spinning in 2wd. i think it was worth every penny. if you have any questions on this or anything feel free to ask.
My buddy bought one a few years back. We installed it & to this day, he says
it is one of the best things he's done to his Rubicon.
Yea the warn 4-2-4 is an awsome product, my buddy has one on his 2000 foreman and its never given him any trouble.
This is one of the best mods u can to do to the older bikes, I have the Warn 424 select on both my foremans. Wouldn't have it any other way. No problems at all out of them, just alittle cleaning every now and then. I also picked both of them up on ebay, they where cheaper than everyone else.
Oh man! You guys are giving me the disease. Just look at my signature block and you can see.....stock sucks! Gotta make it better! When I bought this thing I was thinking....I'm not gonna mod the quad...I'm not gonna mod the quad.....Yeah, right!

Looks like I may do this mod sometime. Not sure when as I gotta find a quad for my better half....and a pickup and a trailer and....
H&H Ranch (Horses and Horsepower!!!)
The 4-2-4 kit is an easy installation and well worth it. You will see a big difference when the power isn't being wasted in the front end and it all goes to the rear end when needed. Good luck
Everybodies thoughts on this mod are dead on right. The 424 turns the Foreman into a totally different machine. And it is worth every penny.
OK. Advantages?

More fun in snow.
Less wear on the front tires.
Easier steering.
Better mileage.

Anything else I'm missing?
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railroader is right, and now you pull the front brake and cover your buddy in mud............mine is awsome, the handle needs to cleaned every now and then.
I have that 424 Select. I LOVE IT, you can do so many things. You can get better gas mileage, doughnuts like Railroader said and you can slide your back end around to get into those tight spots.
It's on my want list!!!
That will probably be your best investment for your atv. It will ride like a
whole new machine.
Yeah but you should see my wish's a sample...

Roller rockers for the Cougar
Rear Bumperettes for the Cougar
Stainless braided brake lines for the Capri
Strut Tower and K-member braces and poly sway bar mounts for the 89 GT
New aluminum water pump and radiator for the Bronco
Traction bars and adjustable trac bar for the Bronco
Headers for the Bronco

Also need helmet, gloves and goggles for the Honda
Need a quad for the wife
Need a diesel pickup and trailer for quads....

Anyway, almost all of this will be bought sometime this year....cha ching!!!

Yup! No kids!
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Haha yep. So is that a 1st or 2nd gen bronco. Tx mudslinger has a 83 bronco with a new 351, t case, and a blown rear end. Got any parts so he can get the beast up and goin again?
QUOTE ("mikey1968":3na9qado)
Yup! No kids!
That was gonna be my next assumption, you must not have any blood suckin',
bank account drainin', etc, etc... kids. Don't get me wrong, i love my two to
death, but would be MUCH better off financially without them. That is quite an
extensive "wants" list you have there.
Yeah, I know. It kinda depressed me when I re-read it. Wife's Honda Accord had an igition problem this cap, rotor and coil....cost around $110. Darn imports!

I have too many hobbies! Had surgery on the wrist for a balled up tendon and I keep pushing it! A soon as I heal up, I have both floor boards to weld in on the Bronco once I cut 'em out. That'll keep me busy a weekend or two! Rust!

Right now, everything is running great but the Bronco is geting a bit too hot. Can't decide if it's the radiator or the water pump so probably will replace both.....they are both old!

Anyway, cheers!
QUOTE ("SASQUATCH":g8i21agv)
Haha yep. So is that a 1st or 2nd gen bronco. Tx mudslinger has a 83 bronco with a new 351, t case, and a blown rear end. Got any parts so he can get the beast up and goin again?
Naw, I got the old Classic Bronco, a 1974 money pit. Sorry, can't help ya there. Got a few 68 Cougar parts I've been hoarding over the years. Like I was saying earlier....too many vehicles and hobbies! Life's good!
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